Friday, 10 August 2012

Wide Legged Welly Boots

Wide Legged Wellington Boots

Evening everyone!
This is a bit of a random and unplanned Blog post review as you can probably tell by the heading.
The heading is pretty self explanatory but the moral of this blog is
Aparently this makes it very difficult to buy welly boots!
Ive tried several brands for ex Hunters,Joules and River Island all consequently getting stuck on my overly large calves!
This made for entertaining viewing to the very unhelpful shop assistants of Office as at one point me and my friend got Hunter wellies stuck and couldnt get them off!
Mine were stuck because of my legs , her one was stuck because of her foot!
Right pair of Plonkers we looked.

Anyway i was not amused at not being able to fit into the Welly boots i intially wanted (Hunters)
So i took to the Amazon website to see what they would have to offer when i typed in:
Loads of search results appeared and i saw a really cute pair from a brand called:

So i ordered them at the price of
£12.99!! BARGAIN!
It took a week for them to arrive but they did come before the estimated delivery date!
I tried them on and to my greatest suprise
Im so relieved as i go to V Festival next friday!!

So if like me you have had troubles finding wide calf wellington boots i cant recommend these enough!!! Give them a try!
Please let me know if like me you have struggled to find boots that fit by leaving me a comment!

Tomorrow me and my friend Megan are going to do a trial run to Chelmsford in prep for the journey to V festival so hopefully i can take some Videos :-)
Hope everyone enjoys the Sun tomorrow!

Emmiloves-x (Follow my blog please)

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