Monday, 13 August 2012

Jelly pong pong Lip Frosting Review

Jelly pong pong Lip Frosting Review

Your probably thinking what on earth is this crazzy woman going to review now!

Well yes i am crazzy, crazy for this product!

Its just super i love it!

I got it in the July Glossybox, if your not sure what a Glossybox is then your missing out bigtime! Its a Subscription service that sends you a box with a mixture of high end and drugstore branded beauty product samples!
Sometimes you do get a full sized product.
You get about 5-6 items each month for £12.95 inc P&P.
I will be reviewing my entire box once ive had a chance to test them all.

Anyways back to this AMAZING product!

Basically its a Lip/Cheek Tint called a Lip Frosting in Irish cream pavlova which makes your lips a wonderful light cherry colour.

It smells incredible and it goes onto your lips like a dream. No stickiness at all which i HATE in lip glosses!

It lasts ages, even once the gloss has worn off your lips are still a lovely shade of cherry. On your cheeks it gives you a lovely rosy sheen.
A very versatile product! I like!

I only got a trial size in the Glossybox boo! So once it runs out i will be purchasing the full size for £10.00.
 It is a little expensive for a lip product, but it is amazing and i think well worth the money!

Im going to be packing this into my Rucksack to take to V festival so i have beautiful lips!

I will link the website where you can buy this lovely product below

Ive done loads of Blogs today!
Being ill has motivated me!! as well as seeing that lots of people are coming to view my Blog!!

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