Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kukee Jewelerry Haul

Welcome to my Review on my Kukee Jewelerry Haul!

I first went to the Kukee website after seeing some jewelerry being reviewed on Voussontbeauetbelle's youtube channel.
I will put a link to the video below

They have a brilliant selection of jewelerry at really reasonable prices they start at just £1.00!
Crazy right!!

So i thought id show you lovely people what i bought, if you dont like these types of blogs please dont feel you have to read!

So when you open the package you get a candy striped bag full of your jewelerry pieces.

When i opened the bag and tipped what was inside out i noticed they were all individually wrapped which is really cute and prevents all the jewelerry getting into a muddle!!

The first item i saw was this Cat Ears ring in Antique Silver.

I love it , its so different! and that was just

Next i opened the packet with the necklace i bought in.
Its called Birds of a Feather, it has two wings and the length is 18"

This was £2.00!!

Next were my earrings i bought four sets! I do love my earrings!!
Flower Earrings -Black £2.00

Lightning bolt Earrings- Gold tone £2.00

Geometric Red Earrings- Antique gold £2.50

My Favourites!! Spike Earrings- Silver plated 3cm long! These were a incredible £1.50

Also because my order was over £10 i got a free gift!!
 A above the knuckle ring! Worth £1.50

I love all the pieces i got and they are going to be perfect to take with me to V festival!

I will link the Kukee website below

Please go and check the website out you wont regret it!

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  1. Id never heard of Kukee before this blog its so cheap! Thanks

    1. Your welcome its a really wicked website with some cute quirky pieces. You should check it out!
      Thanks for commenting