Friday, 24 August 2012

Lily and Shamus!

Last blog post for tonight!!

This one is going to be a introduction to my doggy Lily and my new addition to my family Shamus the terror kitten!!

We've had Lily for a few months now and Shamus we got on the 17th August and he's 9 weeks old awwww!!
We also only got Lily when she was 4 weeks!!
As you can see she was tiny!
Now not so small!
I love her she is such a bundle of energy and very sweet natured.

So much so she has adopted Shamus as her own  haha!!

She cuddles and grooms him it is so lovely to watch.

Shamus on the other hand is a absolute live wire!! He is so hyper all the time!

He is the cutest when he is asleep, which is hardly ever and we relish it when he is. Especially Lily does cause it means noones jumping on her!!
Its lovely to have pets around the house they just make it more homely i think :-)

This was only going to be quick but i will upload photos of Lily and Shamus from time to time especially as Shamus gets bigger!

Do you have pets? let me know i love hearing about animals!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have a 7 month old malitpoo named Abraham and he just brightens up my house! I agree with you pets just make the home a better place not to mention brightens up my day!

  2. Yeah I agree, aww is that a maltese and poodle mix? Bet he's gorgeous!

    Thanks for commenting