Sunday, 5 August 2012

Im a Complete Newbie!!

Hi Everyone and welcome to EmmiLovesx!

Im really new to this so i'll introduce myself and give you some background on me!

Im Emma O'Riordan , im 23 and live in watford, England!
Im engaged to my boyfriend.
Im a Nursery Nurse looking after Toddlers :-)

My interests are Shopping, Beauty, Friends, Music and Travel.

Ok , my blog is going to involve bits of everything including Favourites/Reviews on Fashion and Beauty and also blogs on exciting things i do on weekends and evenings.

 I have quite a few exciting events for me coming up such as V FESTIVAL!! WOO!!. Im so excited for this, im like a little kid thats going to disneyland except im going to spend a weekend in essex in mud and rain and end im stinking!!!
Im then going to Eastbourne for the bank holiday with my boyfriends family which im excited about!
Also im going to the Paralympics at the end of August, i have two events to go to Wheelchair Basketball at the North Grenwich arena and then some Athletics at the Olympic Stadium in the Olympic park!! I dont know about you but i've been loving the London 2012 Olympics it really has made me so proud to be British!!

So throughout this month i will be doing videos and blogposts on these events and some random bits thrown in here and there!!

So please bare with me for being new but im really excited to start this as ive been told by alot of my friends to do this!!

Byeee EmmiLovesx

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