Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Favourite Youtubers/Bloggers

Favourite Youtubers/Bloggers

Before i started Blogging myself , my mini addiction started with watching youtube videos on Hauls, Make up tutorials, Fashion Styling and TAG videos etc.
Without watching and being inspired by some of these girls channels and blogs i wouldnt of started up my own.
So please if you have time go and check these girls out!

Kate from DollyBowBow was the first youtuber i ever watched shes's fab!
Kate runs her own Jewelerry Website with such cute pieces!

I found Sara's page after she did a review on DollyBowBow jewelerry. She does fantastic make up tutorials that are really easy to follow. I love her haul videos too.

Zoe is such a cute youtuber, she has such a infectious personality and i love when she does Primark Haul videos.

Sprinkle of Glitter
I found Louise's channel after seeing her in a video with Zoe from Zoella. She is so funny in her videos and is just such a happy and bright person to watch. I find her incredibly down to earth in her videos. She is also a mummy youtuber to Baby Glitter.

Tanya does THE BEST make up tutorials on youtube, she does loads but they all are different and informative without being woah too much going on!
She's a very successful youtuber so well done her!!

Becca is hilarious, she has me bursting into giggles when i watch her, she's another incredibly down to earth youtuber with a really cute quirky style. Becca is one of my most watched youtubers cause shes addictive to watch!


  1. I like Beauty Crush on Youtube shes really sweet and has done a video with pixi2woo. Dead stylish from danielle xx ps love your blog will follow wjen i have a profile set up xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment , i have checked out Beauty crush and your right shes really good!! I have subscribed!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog