Sunday, 12 August 2012

Em and Meg do the Only way is Essex!

Em & Megs

Trip to Essex

Evening everyone , hope your all rosy!

Today me and my friend Megan did a trial run down to Chelmsford (Essex) in preparation for the trip to V festival next friday! We did this because im a bit nervous on the motorway!

I did rather well on the motorway and was very chuffed when we reached Hylands park and House which is where V festival is going to be.

Parts of the park have been closed off due to the prep for V festival!
At one point i didnt read the signs and went down a part that said no access so i had to reverse back up this lane but i wasnt paying attention! Oh dear! and went straight into some linked metal fences! because they were all linked each one fell down after each other! OOPS!

So after all that, we decided to go browse Brentwood! This is where some of the show
The Only Way Is Essex
is shot! For everyone not from the UK, The only way is essex is a reality tv show where they follow the lives of some people from Essex!

We arrived in Brentwood , parked up and walked right outside Sugar Hut! This is the main club used in the show!

We were famished by this point so we did a pitstop at Pizza Express! mmmm dough balls!
so much so when i noticed they did them for a dessert with Nutella, they just had to be tried!

After rolling out of Pizza Express we decided retail therapy was in order so we went to some of the Boutiques that are run by the cast of the show too!
We went to Minnies, which is run by
Sam Faiers
We walked in to have a browse and there standing at the back was Sam Faiers serving customers and having her photo taken with people! Stupidly me and megs were a little star struck but then went back to looking at the lovely clothes, they do really good brands for example Brat & Suzie!
Heres a link to there website

I bought a lovely purple dress kind of skater style with a open back from Minnies for £15.00 reduced from £31.50!! Love it!

We then left Brentwood to go to Loughton to find Bella Sorella (Lydia's Boutique) and
With Love Jess (Jess Wrights underwear shop)
These were both lovely but what i was most chuffed about is seeing my favourite Youtuber Kate Murnane in Bella Sorella!
Kate has her own jewelerry website called Dolly bowbow!
Heres a link to her website
She does such cute jewelerry and it just so happened i was wearing my scrabble ring at the time!

Also whilst in the Loughton high street we went into a shop called Bonnie & Clyde! They sell some amazing clothes and Jewelerry!
They had the cutest black jumper with small metal skulls dotted around the front!
I got a lovely blinged up adjustable ring from there!
I really would recomend going to have a look!

So after this we headed back for a drink at 
The Ascott in Eastcote, and after one drink i then went to meet my boyfriend Russell and his brother Warren to go to Harvester! What a piggy!!

Hope you all have had a lovely day in the Sun!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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  1. Cant believe you drove into a gate! Wouldve love to have been there. Did anyone see you do it?


    1. One guy did cause he was laughing at us as i tried to drive slowly away!!

      Thanks for commenting