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Top 10 Beauty Tips!

Beauty Tips!

My Friends tell me alot that they like my Beauty tips so i thought i would share some with you.

At the moment im not feeling very beautiful as i have a horrific sore throat and ear infection! LOVELY!

Right so lets get started on my Tips, some of these most of you have probably heard before but they are definatly rules I personally follow in my beauty regime! They may not be dead right or work for you but they work for me! I will also tell you the products i tend to use!

If you have any other tips, please share in the comments box, i would love to read some!

Tip 1.

When applying eye cream or concealer under your eyes i never rub the product in!
I always pat using my ring finger as you will be putting less pressure onto such a delicate area!

Collection 2000 , Lasting Perfection ConcealerClinique repairwear eye cream

Tip 2.

Im sure you all know this one!

I tell all my friends off for doing this!
For one it dries out your mascara so instead of getting 6 months out of it you'll be more likely getting 3-4 months.
Also it lets germs into the mascara which is not what you want to be putting on your eyes!
Loreal Telescopic in Carbon Black

Tip 3.

This Tip is do with the hair!
When your in the shower and after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair and its all rinsed out. Give your hair a final rinse in Cold Water! This will help increase Shine!
Also when your blowdrying and all your hair is dry, give your hair a blast on the cold setting!
This will help to smooth the hair folicles, reducing frizz and keeping the style for longer!

Tip 4.

When concealing i will do my eyes and do my blemishes ,but then i will draw with the wand a line down the centre of my nose, a little line above the end of my chin and a little line in the centre of my eyebrows and then blend with a concealer brush.
I do this because the concealer will help thin the nose out and the other lines will generally make your face appear slimmer!
It works for me!!

Tip 5.

I get very dry lips sometimes so when this happens this is what i do:

 I have a seperate small headed toothbrush , i wet the brush head very slightly and then rub it in circular motions on my lips.
This helps to exfoliate all the dead skin off my lips.
After doing this process i apply a lip scrub to exfoliate even more and then i achieve smooth lips!
Lush Lip scrub in Bubblegum

Tip 6.

When shaving your legs its always best to use a shaving cream/foam but if you havent got any to hand a great alternative is:
To be honest i find this makes my legs even smoother than when i use a cream/foam.

Tip 7.

Conditioner has many purposes!
This is a new one to me and i only trialled it on my last holiday but i can say it worked!
When on holiday dont go into the pool or sea with dry hair! always rinse under a shower and even better coat your hair in conditioner.
This will stop the Chlorine and Saltwater having such fun with your hair!

Tip 8.

For extra Volume in your hair use this drying technique.
Scrape the front of your hair back with your fingers exposing the roots , blast your hair dryer on this part of hair for a few seconds and release!
The hair should have a lot more volume now.
Also if during the day your hair drops or goes flat scrape your hair again and spray dry shampoo into the roots for a boost!
Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo

Tip 9.


Everyone hates them and Eveyone gets them!

My 3 mini tips for spots are:
Sudocrem, Toothpaste and ICE!!

You dont have to use all three at once!
You can but i dont!
If you have a breakout Sudocrem is a lifesaver, just put a thin layer on at night and let it work its magic.

Toothpaste is good for a large and lonely spot for drying it out.

ICE is fab for reducing redness as it calms the inflammation!

Tip 10.

This is a random tip as its not technically beauty related but who looks beautiful trying to walk in 6 inch heels that keep slipping off!!

To keep slip on shoes on and to prevent rubbing
I spray hairspray onto the soles of my feet before putting my shoes on! This makes your feet a bit sticky which stops your shoes falling off.
It really does work!
Apparently rubbing a cut potato on your feet works to but im not to keen on my feet smelling like potatoes so i think ill stick with hairspray.

Also just buy a travel size one to have in your bag for on the go just incase it wears off.

L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray

Anyway that is my Top 10 Beauty tips!
I hope youve enjoyed them.
Like i said if you have any of your own please let me know in the comments below!

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