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My Top 5 Olympic moments!

My Top 5 Olympic Moments!

Afternoon everyone!
Im currently in bed ill! Snuggled up with my doggy Lily, cause im feeling ROUGH!!
Anyway i thought i'd use this time wisely and write a few blog posts!

I dont know about you but i have been swept up in Olympic fever, i dont know whether thats just because im from England but i think it really has been an amazing games!
All our athletes have done Great Britain proud and i for one am very proud to be

I thought i'd do a blog post on my Top 5 Moments of the Olympic Games in no particular order because they were all amazing!

1. Torch Relay

 The first moment that i loved came before the actual games, it was when the torch was being carried around Great Britain.
It was when Paratrooper Ben Parkinson walked the torch through Doncaster. If youve never heard of Ben , he was injured whilst out in Afghanistan when he drove over a mine.

Ben suffered horrific injuries including the loss of both his legs and brain damage. The courage of this man to walk 300 metres whilst in pain to be part of the Olympics really shows utter determination, and definatly had me in tears as well as few other million people!

2. Opening Ceremony

Not many people thought London would be able to pull off a Amazing opening ceremony!

We did just that though!

Some of it was a bit confusing but noone can doubt it wasnt impressive. London through the ages!

The best part was when old olympians passed the torch over to young up and coming athletes to light the petals that would create the olympic flame! Passing on the legacy!

3. Cycling

I found the cycling to be the most exciting part of the games. Great Britain dominated the track winning 12 gold medals, exceeding any expectation!
Two of the cycling greats got to hang up their Olympic helmets with pride!
Chris Hoy and Vicky Pendleton
The whole team were fantastic smashing records to pieces! They had the crowd and people at home screaming with joy!

5. Our Three Superstars of Track and Field

Mo Farah was our most successful athlete on the track winning two gold medals in the 5k and 10k.
Mo was another one that had me screaming at the Tv screen.

Jess Ennis became the Worlds best all round athlete in the Heptahlon which includes 7 events: 100m hurdles, javelin, long jump, high jump, shot put, 200m and the 800m.
Jess ended up with a total points score of 6955!

Our suprise Gold medal came from a field event
Long Jump
Greg Rutherford had been injury plagued over his career but managed to be fit for London 2012 and jumped a huge jump of 8.31m!

4. Mens Gymnastics

I thought the mens gymnasts where amazing!
Weve not been known for our mens gymnast team for a long time but they did so well.

They got a Bronze medal in the team event if it werent for a few wobbles we would have got at least silver!

Then a Bronze for Max Whitlock and Silver medal for Louis Smith in the Pommel horse final! In my opinion i think Louis Smith should have got Gold! but maybe im just biased!!!

All the competitors that won any colour medal for Team GB! You really put the "GREAT" in GREAT BRITAIN!


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