Friday, 24 August 2012

Jolie box First Impressions!

Hi All!!
I'm on a mission to get a few blog posts done today so BARE WITH!!

I would like to give you a first impressions review on the August Jolie Box!

This is my very first Jolie Box, I'm a subscriber to Glossy box but if im honest August Glossybox was POOR!!

The contents were rubbish!! The cheap looking eye-shadow was appalling no pigments in it at all and not to mention hideous colours GREEN AND BROWN!! ergh!!
The over priced lipstick, the cheap lip-cote, the weird cleanser and the nail varnish that turns your nails blue :-(

So anywho! i thought i would try out another beauty box do the leap of faith!

I'm glad i did!! I got very excited opening the box!!

It looks even more professional than Glossybox with the little drawstring bag!! Its great!

On opening the little bag , i was chuffed to see the contents!!

If i'm honest i only knew one brand in this array of products but that didn't dull my excitement at all!! I haven't tried these products yet so will hopefully do another review once tested!!

Let me just show you what i got peeps!!

Phil smith Be Gorgeous
dry clean revitalizing dry shampoo
blitzes oily roots leaving it feeling fresh & clean
Retails £2.99 Sainsburys UK

Essential Care
organic rose moisturizer
Day cream for all skin types
Retails 50ml £19.00

Joliebox Leather hair styling lace
A leather lace to create endless up do's

Dr Bronner's
pure castile soap pillows
All in one soaps, cleans and revives from head to toe!
Retails for 1litre approx £15.00

So Susan cosmetics
wide awake face palette
Skin enhancing tools to give you a summer glow.
Includes illuminating powder, highlighting cream and eyebrow sculpting kit!
Couldn't find the retail price but i can't see it being cheap as chips!!

Lastly for a bonus gift for being a first time customer
Joliebox toe separators!
will always come in handy for my tootsies!

Im looking forward to the september joliebox now and hopefully Glossybox get a bit better cause they have competition. 
Heres a link to the Joliebox website

Thanks for reading

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