Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Few days in Bexhill, Hastings and Eastbourne!

Bexhill, Hastings and Eastbourne
I spent a couple of days with my boyfriend Russells, mum & dad , brother and his nan who lives in Bexhill.
I thought i would tell you a bit about my mini trip!

I went down on the morning of bank holiday monday to have pretty much the whole of monday there, spend the night and have the whole day tuesday before heading back home.
So in the morning i got the train from watford junction (Watfords where im from) to Clapham junction to change for the train to Bexhill.
The whole train journey cost me £31.00 which i didnt think was too bad.
It took me about 2 and a bit hours to get to Bexhill. When i got there Russell picked me up from the station with his brother and took me to Hastings!
Obviously it was extremly busy as it was bank holiday so we had to park up this MASSIVE hill and walk down to the main part of Hastings! Walking down was no problem!
Russell and his brother wanted to take me to Smugglers adventure which is a load of underground caves built hundreds of years back to hide imported goods to avoid taxes.
Adults -£7.50
It was really interesting and its quite interactive!
We then went down on the hill lift! £2.50
This took us to Hastings old town round the shops with the old style sweet shops and leather shops also the fishmongers.
After walking up that Massive hill - well i got 3/4s of the way up and gave up so Russell and Warren went and fetched the car!! Lazy huh!
We went to check in at the B&B i was staying at, it was a big house converted with loads of bedrooms and loads of dining rooms for breakfast!
I only booked a little single room for moi! for £39.00 which i thought was maybe a little steep for a single room but it really was the cheapest around.
I left my bag in my room and went to have dinner with Russell's nan, Roast Pork YUMMY!!
and Profiterole gateau for pudding mmm!
Looks like this!! Jealous much!! hehe!
On the Tuesday Russell took me to the shops in Bexhill and bought me some sweets , Vimto bon bons one of my many favourites!
We walked along the sea front and then went back to the car to go to Eastbourne.
We went for lunch at Eastbourne harbour in HARVESTER!!
 We ate way too much as per usual!
If you dont know what a harvester is its a resturant which offers unlimited salad with your meal so you go up to the salad bar to make your own salad! Its yummy trust!

We had a look in the jewelerry shops and homeware shops before meeting up with Russell's family to go to the Eastbourne pier!

We parked up on the sea front and walked along the pier looking in the shops and in the Arcade. The view was amazing from the pier too!

Russell then dropped me to Eastbourne station and i started making my way back to Watford!

I had a lovely break and would definatly love to go back :-)

Have you ever been to Bexhill, Hastings or Eastbourne?

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