Monday, 3 September 2012


My two days at the Paralympics!

I was lucky enough to get tickets to two events at the paralympics so i thought i would tell you about it :-)

On Friday evening me and Russell made our way to North Greenwich using our free travelcards!!

We were going to see the Wheelchair Basketball it was held in the O2 arena!
We arrived and went through all the security and went in to find our seats not before getting some very overpriced Chinese food £8.00 for vegtable stir fry!!

We got to see two matches one womens 
Canada v Netherlands
This is the view from our seats!
It is such a great but violent sport!
Netherlands beat Canada.

We were very lucky to see Team GB play in the mens match against Canada.
This was even more violent , people getting knocked over in their chairs hitting their faces on the floor!
Right troopers though carrying straight on as if nothing had happened!
Unfortunately Team GB lost quite badly to Canada who were the better team without a doubt!

On the Saturday we got to go to the Olympic stadium/park in Stratford!

It was amazing to see the Olympic stadium and the Olympic Orbit they are both incredible structures!!

We got to go see the Athletics we were sat quite high up which knackered us out climbing up the steps! 
The view though was amazing and had a great view of the olympic flame!

My phone wont zoom so couldnt get a great photo of the flame!
I also took a picture of the light paddles that were a vital part of the opening and closing ceremonies!

We got to see some great races and victory ceremonies!
I got to see two fantastic Irish runners win their races which was soo good as most of my family is Irish!
Also was great to see the Great Oscar Pistorius!

We had a amazing time at the Paralympics i wish id got more tickets for more events was a fantastic expierience.
The Stadium and the Orbit looked stunning at night!

It really did make me proud to be Team GB!
The whole teams both from the Olympics and Paralympics have done their countries proud!!

Me and Russell in our seats!

Did you get to go to the olympics or paralympics?

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